Friday, May 23, 2008

About the Blog


Because we cannot properly understand being apart from action, it might be thought charitable to reserve all personal information about who I am to an anticipated gold dig; discovering the 'I' in the act of this blog and its evolution. The factum of such an ontology is much more interesting than a long, drawn out account of my life. Nevertheless, a short preamble (which presupposes slight autobiographical skecthes) is in order.

I intend this blog primarily for youth, making an indignant observation that gentlemen my age are that only in a nominal sense, along with the rest of their assigned titles. We youth typically have trouble losing ourselves and finding Christ. We rest in a tension of obedience and rebellion, a usual 'yes, but...' to the command of God. I've been wrestling with this problem for most of my teenage life, and were it not for the stern discipline of my loving Father in Heaven I would likely be exiting the eve of my youth with nothing but youthful passions to boast of. Nevertheless, God is a gracious God, and you will find that one foot in front of the next reduces the 'but' in your response to Him significantly, and that eternally.

Commenting on the nominal nature of Christian youth, I might inquire as to its being this way because our sinful passions are inflated and accentuated by an over-exposure to the culture of North America. Legalist per se? Am I being reactionary? Perhaps. I candidly affirm that culture of itself is a neutral thing, as the definition:

the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc. (

None of the listed are 'bad' or deleterious of themselves, indeed the church itself must inevitably fulfill all of these attributes of culture in order to exist. Nevertheless, culture is one thing, and North American culture another. If letters, arts and manners etc.. were done with the attitude of glorifying a Holy God (though inevitable, not commissioned) youth might be justified in being enfatuated. However, I fear that it is conversely the push away from glorification to rebellion that fuels the way post-modern culture operates today.

To return to the beginning, this blog is at its core an exhortation to remember our Creator in our youth, before trouble (Ecclesiastes 12:2). Will you dare to do anything less when your very existence partakes in His creative will?!!!

A note on future posts: I am dogmatic; I believe all that God is and has done for us requires a positive response. For instance, I do not fear bellowing out a dogmatic 'Yes' to an important question. Is Christ the only pathway to God? Yes. Is the Bible the Word of God? Yes. etc.. However, dogma does not necessarily mean conclusion; it means we're getting closer to a conclusion. Language about God that is neither inspired nor infallible must needs always be perfected, I know little and am open to revision.

Enough said, I'd like to commit this blog to God


I know so little, but what I do know I devote to you now. Whether this blog is read by everyone or no one, I can rest content in that you are reading it, as your Holy Word says,"The Lord examines the righteous" (Psalm 11:5). May it be a pleasing fragrance to you in Christ. May it help others. I open myself to your constant correction, be gracious to me Father. Amen.

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