Sunday, January 18, 2009

On Silence.

Some have advised that I carry on with this blog. What can I say to this?

"....A wise man listens to advice." (Proverbs 12:15)

Tranquility overcomes me when I ponder how few readers stop by. I am off in the wilderness with my God, with my Father. A few stragglers pass and take note and grin; but in reality I am left with God, with Father.

Why then have I written so little? I clap my hands over my mouth. I have nothing to say other than to give exegesis to my own muteness. God has said enough; Martin Luther and Augustine and Yancey have added a little more....and that is good. Why then ought I to speak? I ought rather to listen....and when I've had my fill of wisdom and find the world awry still; then I'll rebuke myself and the world and listen closer. Why not a theology of listening rather than speaking? Take note of this! (James 1:19) I'll take my cap and my crown off and give it to more qualified men. Why cannot Jeremiah and Solomon and Ezekiel be our theologians? I think they do it better; I want to learn to treasure their words.

Lord Father,

Teach us to listen. Especially let us listen to and to listen more to your Words.


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Mark said...

We (the collective audience) have been waiting with baited breath, and can stand it no longer. We require updates!