Saturday, August 14, 2010

Interesting hermeneutical and theological observations from my Grandma.

Grandma Regier is almost 80 years old now and has been a farmers wife for most of her life. She still lives on the farm out here in Manitoba and enjoys theological discussions every morning. This morning in particular I was surprised by two of her statements:

"You know, we take the Bible to be the Word of God and believe all of it. But then you come to that passage where the donkey starts talking..."

I wasn't aware that grandma has been reading Rudolf Bultmann lately, but kudos to her for keeping up with the exegetical zeitgeist.

"Learning about the millenial kingdom troubles me. They say the harvest of crops will never end, and I don't like the idea of a never ending harvest."

Which is as sound a reason as you will ever find for choosing amillenialism instead. For the real farmers out there who do real farming, a harvest is just as much exhausting as it is rewarding. During the thick of it you may not be able to get any have to stay up as many days and nights as you can lest the rains creep in out of nowhere and diminish the profit. A never ending harvest is not a comforting thought to those who specialize in this industry. But of course, the pre and post-millers don't take this into account because they have likely never seen a farm.

Thank you grandma regier for demolishing the flimsy bulwark of american fundamentalist eschatology and all of the rife deception it has instilled in the church.

You need not read Virgil to understand that the true farmer is both wise and theologically adept. Just check out Isaiah 28:23-29.


Richy said...

Hi Marc,

Yes yes, your grandma is ever insightful. Making excellent paska and doing theology probably compliment each other better than most things.

Anyhow, I hope you're doing very well Marc; I'm enjoying your blogs thoroughly. I'm even inspired to restart my own (soon).


Emerson Fast said...

Hey Richy!

As paska is merely another (though admittedly lesser) form of analogia entis alongside of coffee, and as we all know from reading Kirkliche Dogmatik 1.1 that analogia entis is the antichrist, I'm not sure your well-intended compliments hold weight!

And Richard, I am well. And I hope that you are well too. Also please, do us all a favor and banish the wicked idleness that would keep you from blogging.