Friday, December 10, 2010


"A friend loves at all times...." -Solomon

Friendship is quite a tedious thing. It begins with the honeymoon phase. During this time there is no difficulty in conversation, interaction, laughter, intellectual banter....the person across from you is sheer delight. In these memorable moments your spirit fills with the tantalizing thought," Perhaps this is the friend I've been looking for." The honeymoon phase is like a fine cigar, a chilled white wine, or that aromatic and balmy breeze that occasionally touches the face in August. It is a decadence that takes flight after a few weeks.

Beyond this comes the cold, malicious drudgery of truly getting to know someone. As they are. All of their sinfulness, weakness, all begins to pop up to the surface as the exterior delights peel back. Whatever qualities and virtues they possessed have become a stench to the nostrils...sin and folly has this corrupting power.

Friendship blows. It means "associating with sinners". It means opening yourself up to be responsible and dutiful to a person who is sick. It also implies the risk of your own failure. What if you cannot live up to their needy expectations? What if your own folly gets the better of you...a sense of duty fades and selfishness sets in? What if you become degraded in their eyes?

The only truthful friendship is one which rests on the power of grace. Abstracted from this alien quality and all friendships are abominations.

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Dave said...

I really liked this post. It speaks the truth. Sometimes when friendships get hard, and you're let down, it's difficult to treat people with Grace - just as Christ has treated us.

Your friend,