Monday, January 17, 2011

Anabaptist Hermeneutical Hypocrisy.

Ever notice how most anabaptists today have jumped into bed with the modern feminist agenda? Menno Simons would be horrified. I as his dutiful student am too.

You will often note how an anabaptist will solemnly refer to the case of Deborah in the Old Testament as a sacred precedent for women holding positions of leadership in the Body of Christ, but will completely ignore what Deborah proceeded to do with her authority. They ignore this other textual material because Deborah leads Israel into war, and calls down curses on the tribes that refuse to participate in the bloodshed.

The fact that the Old Testament records a woman holding leadership is sacred, the fact that said woman led people into divine warfare is profane. This choosiness not only serves the Anabaptists purpose to support the modern egalitarian construct by appeal to the authority of the Bible, but simultaneously enables the anabaptist to shut off biblical authority when said authority conflicts with her secular ideology of pacifism. In short, the Bible for an anabaptist is like a water faucet that can be turned on and off at her own whim. For such hermeneutical hypocrisy she proves that her whole system is entirely flawed and corrupt from the ground up.


Anonymous said...

It's about time that someone exposed the ignorant hermeneutics of all pacifists and just war theorists! One wishes that these wimpy female pacifists and just war theorists would actually take the time to read the entire Bible. If they did so they would discover the simple and straightforward message the Bible delivers.

Emerson Fast said...


I suggest you start posting your real name. If you do not, I will take you for a coward and no longer allow you to post on my blog.