Monday, July 28, 2008


The Lord wants you to be healthy, observe as a prime candidate for this purpose of the gospel the faithful servant Paul. He recieved copious benefits of health as a result of his obedience in almost all bodily and mental aspects. The proof text is chapter eleven of his second letter to Corinth

Dermatological health- five sets of forty lashes minus one on the back from the Jews.

Bone and physical conditioning- three beatings with a rod and being stoned once.

Rest and rejuvination- A night and day on the open sea, being constantly on the move, oft sleeplessness.

Travel leisure- three shipwrecks, dangerous rivers and countryside bandits.

Nutrition- Hunger and repeated starvation.

Mental- A messenger from Satan tormenting his mind, perpetual weakness and daily stress from church needs.

These name-it-claim-it laws were also put into effect by his spiritual son Timothy, who worked hard at his faith and recieved frequent illnesses without proper remedy.

Consider this as ample evidence for the validity of a guarenteed life of health and ease if you sign up for following Christ today! Enclosed is a complimentary miracle smiley face.


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