Monday, July 28, 2008

Pride is ugly

Let us expose it for all of its shame and filth. Here is a poem I wrote when I was particularly angry at pride. I feel very proud of it.

Oh Candle of pride, thou spoiler of my affections and my assurance,
what place hast thou with me? How dare thy wick twist throughout my body,
thy swelling flame throw its sickly light on all my intent?
Would that I were stronger in grace, thy exposed light would be snuffed
eternally; yet I wait in patience for your extinguishing long overdue
and until then have no choice but to bear when necessary and avoid when possible.
Know this, however; that in the acknowledgment (away pride! since it was not I who discovered it)
you have already been struck with a fatal blow.
The same Savior who bore the punishment you incur on me,
will see to it that humility take your place!
And very shortly a new candle will be lit,
a candle that will only shine when all credit I expect is
subdued by my own transparency.

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Mark said...

This is magnificent.