Friday, September 24, 2010


All of my quaint little theological revelations have already been made more profoundly by others, but the purpose of writing a blog is to capture them nonetheless. Which blogger, after all, blogs things that haven't been recycled and regurgitated by thousands of others before him?

It has occurred to me how intertwined humanism/liberalism and arminianism are. Both of them assume that human freedom as the capacity to decide between God and perdition is a good thing. Both of them assume that the provision of 'freedom' or 'neutrality' by God to man has now really become something that man has over and against God his creator. In other words, there is an important sector in the region of universal man's being that needs no act of God in order for it to truly and righteously come to God. Arminians actually believe that man can come TO GOD. I've thought it before and I'll say it now: the greatest confirmation of man's TOTAL depravity is this arminian doctrine of man's neutrality apart from God and in himself. You need no calvinist teacher to learn this, just expose yourself to the way arminians talk about God and man. It is absolute, repugnant blasphemy. It is consequently absolute stupidity.

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