Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Emerson Fast on being a doofus.

We need a moratorium on "....on being" blog posts. Karl Barth on being in the church, Lindbeck on the post-capitalist apocalyptic, Sartre on the creation of the world as coneptual narrative, Augustine on women, T.S. Eliot on the pre-cognitive church...... what a bunch of silliness. Who wants to read hogwash with a title like that?

Moreover, it stinks of the real spirit of theo-blogging: the worship of men as opposed to the worship of God. We worship these men because they worshipped God so well! How ironic! Isn't it just such a fantastic thing that Barth stressed obedience to the first commandment? I'm going to devote my days to hallowing this and I'm going to fill up my blog with endless adoration of his righteousness.

Mere men. And posting a passage from them with a few gushing glosses of your own at the bottom does not constitute a "theo-blog", nor a biblioblog (since true exegesis of scriptures would never consitute such flagrant man-worship). It is anthropocentrism and natural theology. That's it.

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