Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So I was shaving my face this morning with Occam500 triple-blade, and I realized that I'm mighty fed up with all of these endless theories centering around JDEP. I'm gonna do something innovative, rash, and daring: I'm going to read the Torah with the assumption that it is speaking about events which actually happened in history. I'm going to assume that Moses had a hand in writing most of Deuteronomy, parts of Leviticus, Exodus and numbers. I'm going to assume that there really was an Exodus out of Egypt with next to 1 million people coming up out of Goshen, and I'm going to assume that there was a cosmic flood.

Why all these bizarre assumptions? Because I think that humans today are a bunch of idiots....half of these scholars can hardly tie their shoes in the morning much less appropriately handle antiquated documents..much less tell us a thing or two about scripture. To be sure, I am an idiot myself. But for that matter I'm not going to start publishing papers on Bible and Interpretation or pop up on CNN in the evening or write a commentary for Anchor Bible. In the words of Micah from Paranormal Activity: "I'm does with this shit."


Theophilus said...

The fact that the Pentateuch documents seem intimately acquainted with desert life and rather ignorant about life in Canaan/Israel/Palestine would suggest that they were written by desert folks, and when did the Israelites dwell in the desert except during the exodus? Even if you accept late redaction dates, it's clearly a composite of several very, very ancient documents.

Emerson Fast said...

A very excellant point,

And I do accept late redaction dates, as in the lists of Gen.36 of Edomite kings who reigned "before Israel had a king" etc...also certain updates throughout Deuteronomy such as the conquest activities of Jair the biblical judge (3:13-14) etc..

But as for the main content, I'm sticking with Moses.