Saturday, October 27, 2012

Philosophy can be so abysmally depressing.

"As for time, which it is to be presumed would constitute, as the counterpart of space, the material of the other part of pure mathematics, it is the existent Notion itself. The principle of magnitude, of difference not determined by the Notion, and the principle of equality, of abstract lifeless unity, cannot cope with that sheer unrest of life and its absolute distinction. It is therefore only in a paralysed form, viz. as the numerical unit, that this negativity becomes the second material of mathematical cognition, which, as an external activity, reduces what is self-moving to mere material, so as to possess in it an indifferent, external, lifeless content." -Hegel (The Phenomenology of Spirit, p.27)

As I said, depressing. You may catch the gist of what Hegel is saying in this paragraph after reading it, word-by-word, ten or eleven times. You may even feel exhilirated for having uncovered something profound and worthwhile. But your heart will then tell you that the true essence of this paragraph will not be gleaned until it has been rightfully connected to the preceding observatons and assertions, until the whole shines through the parts. This might take a lifetime.

I think Hegel is worth studying because I am arrogant. I don't like coming across things that I don't understand.

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