Monday, June 24, 2013

It still baffles me that Constantine is hated on by Christians.

For what? Potentially creating a theocracy or a Christendom (although these two endeavors remain to be historically proven)? Why don't these slimeballs direct their wrath against, well, nearly every Old Testament King or political leader? Ah but yes, these were anointed by God for their tasks. Then the Word of God stands against your political theologies you fucking idiots.

That anyone by the name of Christian could reasonably lament the legalisation of Christianity, and the influence of the Christian gospel in the political sphere solidly BAFFLES me. I wish for these asswipes nothing better than a speedy deportation to a land and a situation where no such graces are offered, that they may have neither my prayers nor my concern as they are trampled and gnawed into pieces by the polis of their much-loved heathendom.

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Richy said...

This post is glorious; pure, polemical, poetry.