Friday, July 16, 2010

Questions I've been Mulling Over...

Is higher criticism just a big aura of vaporized, pestiferous poo or is there something sustainable to be gained from it?

Do archaeologists tremble at the Word of God?

If Schleiermacher were alive today, would he feel much gratitude for where the liberal tradition has ended up?

Is Canada capable of producing good theology?

Is there such a thing as a church that preaches something other than works-righteousness?

Since the gospel is true, why is everyone so miserable?

Can you take an unhappy theologian seriously?

Is coffee the analogia entis that not even Karl Barth could overcome?

Have atheists ever drank coffee?

If they have, does this mean that Karl Barth is right?

Why did Canada spend over 500 mil for an olympics festival filled with drunkeness and dissipation but only 100 mil for Haiti's earthquake?

How many bad things happen to people in Canada due to our legislated approval of homosexual marriages?

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