Monday, July 26, 2010

Will a genuine inerrantist please stand up?

Sure, the dogma sounds very good and pious on paper, but I have come to doubt whether anyone truly believes that the scriptures are without error. Why? Because every time an inerrantist defies God's Word by sinning and breaking one of His commandments, she demonstrates a disbelief in the truthfulness of the scriptures. What else is sin really but making God out to be a liar, someone whose word cannot be trusted? "From evildoers come evil deeds" and we may know by the behavior of the inerrantist whether he believes that the scriptures are without error or not. As it stands, not yet one of them does.

Maybe it is time to put aside our pious talk and make room for God to authenticate the scriptures for us, in His own manner and on His own terms and timing. The psalmist says: "Teach me your decrees." This is what we need. God help us, and may His word be adored and accepted fully in us by Hiw own grace and patience.

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