Thursday, July 11, 2013

Psalm 18 got this, so why hasn't a single theologian these days ever stood up and said it?

"ο θεος μου αμωμος η οδος αυτου τα λογια κυριου πεπυρωμενα υπερασπιστης εστιν παντων των ελπιζοντων επ' αυτον" -Ps. 18:30

God can do no wrong, his word is flawless, and absolutely everyone who comes to him for refuge will find an unfailing and infinitely great Shield. In place of this scriptural truth we have a perfidious theology farting about which goes something like:

1. God is learning as She goes (I can understand the connection between femininity and imperfection, but seriously).

2. We as a church must apologize for the atrocious and horrific things god authorized, specifically in the Old Testament but also in the Haustefeln of the New.

3. The Bible is rife with errors on every page, except those pages as testify to what our itching post-modern ears wish to hear.

4. God is only a shield to good, obedient people.

I shake my head at the world.

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