Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Global South in a Nutshell.

Extorting billions of dollars from the West via methods of pity and entitlement, and then training up "voices of the poor" to give "intellectual perspectives" on white corruption and Western evil. Useless third worlders....

The greatest argument for colonial domination is post-colonialism. As a representation of vast hordes of parasitic consciousnesses, it manifests a whole archipelago of nations who refuse to take responsibility for themselves, and waste the good graces proffered to them on savagery and indolence.

The greatest and last gift the West can offer to these thankless sots is total and utter neglect. No more apologies, no more foreign aid, no more partial treatment, no forgiveness on unpaid debts, and no trading relationships unless said countries agree to the terms that every other honest country has to submit to for the sake of such a thing as trade.

Many an intellect from Africa and Asia has dared to call the Northern lands, even WHITE PEOPLE, all sorts of demeaning things in the name of some purported larger project of `racial equality`. Fucking douchenards. In response they get a pat on the back and a free plane ride to speak in our universities, where we all poo poo, smile and nod, kowtow and mentally flagellate our own cultural backgrounds. What can this be but a bewitchment from a very uncivilised, very dull and dim network of savages? They should be flogged.

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