Wednesday, August 28, 2013

An Observation

It actually tickles me pink when Western countries like America, Canada, France or Britain interfere in the affairs of foreign nations. Why?

1. The West is, quite simply, superior to the east in everything (those who are angered by my thoughts should ask themselves why they do not move to the precise place that they find BEST).

2. The East has such a pitiful track record of doing anything other than chaos, that we must continually ask ourselves the question whether they truly have a right anymore to the land they have been befouling.

3. The ability to interfere successfully entails a sign of political health at home. Only the absolute fool will go to war in a condition of instability.

4. It is the mandate of every country to expand its sphere of influence. The doctrine of "live and let live" effects nothing and helps no one. We owe everything; from technology to medicine, from scientific exploits to mail delivery systems (perfected by the Persian Empire), from the spread of sophisticated language to architecture...we owe all of this to EMPIRES.

5. Argue my points all you wish. NO ONE can deny that countries like Syria or Haiti would be infinitely more peaceful and developed if the West stopped latching onto a useless post-colonial conscience and had the balls to formally and materially assimilate these regions into itself. Proper colonialism would be effected: ie. white people would settle the shit out of those places until insurgents can no longer hide.

Popular consciousness would consider these tenets to be KKK-esque, bigoted, racist etc...

Yet popular consciousness seems to be willfully blinded to the fact that ALL of these tenets are being implemented, in one way or another, by EASTERN countries (China, Iran, previously Iraq etc....) albeit very poorly and without method. China quietly took command of Taiwan decades ago and the UN has scarcely uttered a peep about it. Iraq formerly effected genocidal campaigns against the ethnicities within its Northern fringes under Sadam....we are still shedding tears over the fact that America displaced him. Popular consciousness LOVES the East, but HATES it when the West does the very things that the East LOVES (albeit more peaceably and efficiently). This is a blatant contradiction.

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