Thursday, August 8, 2013

Das Problem: Thomas Schreiner

"My goal is to read the message of the OT in its historical context. At the same time, I try to read the OT as the NT authors read it. The historical voice of the biblical writer is attended to and respected, but at the same time the canonical voice of the divine author is also heeded. I don’t limit myself to what Leviticus means within the ambit of the Pentateuch but also ask what it means in light of the revelation that has come in Jesus Christ. In other words, how does the coming of Jesus reshape and reconfigure our reading of Leviticus? Such an attempt does not nullify the historical meaning of the book. In fact, I spend most of my time on the former, while also considering the contribution the book makes now that the Christ has come." - (emphasis added)

Yet another "evangelical" scholar who demonstrates his disinterest and embarrassment in the Christian confession that Jesus is God. Let me put this clearly, even though it should not have to be argued: if Jesus is God, then He is God. This means that He pre-exists the New Testament. He is the God of the Old Testament, for the God of the Old Testament is the One true God. Therefore, when we read the Old Testament and unfold its truths, we read about Jesus Christ and unfold the truth about Jesus Christ. This is child's play; this is milk rather than meat. It takes all of two seconds to realize the fucking connection, yet to this date be damned if a confessing Christian scholar will own up to the weightiness of this point!! I am petrified at the order of Schreiner's concerns, as if the Gospel and its implications are of less significance than "the historical meaning" of the OT, to which he devotes all of his time.

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