Monday, August 26, 2013

Bibliolatry is a strawman

Those with deficient views of scripture often accuse those with a high view of scripture of bibliolatry or worship of the bible rather than God. What childish feculence!! In point of fact none of those who stand accused by these lip-smacking liberals have an appreciation for scripture that even REMOTELY comes close to the appreciation and adoration of God's decrees as found in Psalm 119, and yet the man of God who wrote these words is not judged. Even granting the foolhardy notion that the law of God or his decrees are something perfectly distinct from scripture, the liberal still must admit that God's decrees and laws are not God Himself but things which issue from his being. Why have they not turned their wrath against the Psalter and its supposed idolatry? Why do they strain out the gnat of the modern fundamentalist and swallow whole caravans of camels as found in sacred history? I'll tell you why: because they are thoughtless and stupid.

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