Monday, June 28, 2010

I had a vision last night.

I know,

Mennonites aren't supposed to get visions. But since we parted from the Kleine Gemeinde and the other "less godly" church's in Russia to form the Brethren, we have been suprisingly more open to the oddities of American fundamentalism and charismania.

Last night I dreamed about two different types of people who prayed. The unbelieving sort prayed for water to fill his bath tub and then proceeded to turn on the facet. What he got was a bunch of black water and bilge.

The believing sort prayed for water to fill his tub and did nothing, because he actually expected and acknowledged that God was able to do simple things like fill a bath tub with water.

If you know of any pelagians who love to talk about such things as "prayer and action," tell them about this vision and watch them cower.

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