Thursday, June 24, 2010

Robert Cargill doesn't like the idea of guardian angels.

But then, who can blame him after looking at some of the angelic iconography displayed at his friend's site? Still, this left me wondering what Mr. Cargill is gonna tell his children when the lights in the house go out and they have to face a night alone in their beds? Then it hit me: Guardian Hume!!!! Just think about what a big poster of this contemptuous face would do for all of those demonic creatures that plague the night! What phantom would dare enter your kids room if those lazer-beam eyes were piercing the darkness with inductive precision? And the great thing about having a poster of Hume in your kids bedroom is that you know that he of all people (on the impossible chance that there is an afterlife) would never, ever, EVER move beyond the portrait to creepily hover about. With that one hand providentially resting over the head of the bed, the only thing you know that your kids are being guided towards is a safe, happy, relieving and very realistic sleep (replete with dreams of scientific investigations and the unfolding of a very sober metaphysics).

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