Saturday, June 19, 2010

One thing the Emergent Church is Not.

My mom brought home a pamphlet the other day with a big "WARNING" pasted on the front cover: "A dangerous Trojan horse is creeping into the Evangelical Church." But the emergent church simply cannot be a trojan horse, because a trojan horse has to have some form of sophisticated appeal for it to be accepted within the city gates. And there is nothing particularly appealing about this jejune, mind-numbing and pathetically boring movement. I would have placed a higher bet on the "death of God" fad in the 60's or the "religionless Christianity" trend which still pops up here and there. These at least had a few learned theologians backing them. But alas for this wretched is not welcome in any church that is truly the church and has always been seen for its true colours.

The best thing one can do with this silly fad is to ignore it altogether and not give it any airtime. Try to avoid discussions about it and refuse to purchase pamphlets "exposing" it. My advice isn't new. Somewhere in Jim West's sundry blogs you can find similar wisdom for how to handle Fred Phelps, and earlier than both of us is Karl Barth on dealing with Bultmannitus (which is not the same thing as dealing with Bultmann, who I have heard is an excellant scholar).

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