Monday, April 25, 2011

Racial/ethnic distinctions are not un-biblical.

"Cretans are always liars, evil brutes, lazy gluttons..." -Paul (quoting Epimenides).

I wonder how Paul would get on with hypocritical North America today, with its proud ability to stifle such things as intolerance, hate-speech and that nebulous thing called "Racism" (poo-poo! They continue to congratulate their consciences in the midst of endless infanticide, blasphemy, warmongering and greed..not to mention sexual immorality!). He probably wouldn't get on well. Neither would any other biblical writer, really. The scriptures are rife with all sorts of juicy remarks against Jews, Egyptians, Gentiles, Philistines, Arabs, women, homosexuals etc... it is almost too much for our pious consciences to handle!

Just imagine what would happen if I were to change the word 'Cretan' up above to 'African' or 'The French' (obviously 'america' would is currently trendy to hate this nation and its inhabitants).

One might point out that it would be unfair to do so, as neither Africans or French people display the characteristics described in the pauline saying. Ok, but what if they did? Logically, following the analysis proffered by sacred scripture, it would be exemplary in some cases to make an "ethnic slur." Perhaps more cases than we deem comfortable.

To conclude this rant, I should like to make an ethnic slur myself:

Canadians are lazy, sexually immoral, godless and greedy.

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