Monday, April 18, 2011

Ten Reasons why Rebecca Black is better than most musicians.

1. She doesn't dress like a slut. 2. She doesn't swear. 3. She doesn't blaspheme. 4. She hasn't gotten in trouble with the law. 5. She can actually sing live. 6. She has published one song and received 110 million views in just over a month. 7. She loves life (compare with Nine Inch Nails or Seether) 8. She donated the proceeds of her song to a country in need. 9. She hasn't retaliated against the negative comments. 10. She has natural beauty. So take that you wicked Black-haters.


Poe said...

Non sequitur: I thought you guest appearance and critique of Andrew's claims over at Christendom was apt, by which I mean "sick-nasty." The role of faith and works in Christian discipleship is a hard topic to broach nowadays without causing leaders to fall into hapless, heady jargon, thus eschewing the body or church.

I, personally, am still attempting to clear the rubble from the deconstruction of the in-house jesus that for so long humdrumly determined my faith-ish walk, trying oh-so hard not to resign into a passive nihilism which can only lead to decadence and depravity of agency and empowerment (ya I just paraphrased Nietzsche, but I swear I don't think he is better than Jesus, nor Socrates for that matter). I am still, however, not quite where I want to be. Your humor and wit and subtlety of seriousness regarding what I gathered to be a sort of holistic transformation of being (thus refusing to eschew the contextual fit of the text when dealing with issues and such, as you point out with James' use of moral exhortation insofar as it pertained to a particular situation at hand) is welcoming and challenging, and I thank you for that, nay, am indebted because of that.

I think polemikos is a hard gig, and a lot of times does more harm than good (i.e. Luther ripping Erasmus a new a-hole; Luther didn't care, I mean he quite nearly fitted Pope Leo X with a new a-hole as well). But I have a theory: polemic with the admixture of humor is most effective for bringing about spiritual transformation (you gotta say "most" like a British bloke in order to get the full effect), and is just what the church needs right about now

Will be keeping tabs on your writing. Peace.

Emerson Fast said...

Hey Poe,

Nice to meet you! Thanks for the the thoughts. Only be warned that there is nothing particularly substantial about my person or my work. Hopefully you will become just as disillusioned with my "contributions" as any other so-called man of God today. I am an ignorant moron, so please expect nothing more.

Poe said...

-- I would expect nothing less. I think this is the beginning (and in many cases the end) of a beautifully flawed relationship via internet blogging.

Emerson Fast said...

good. Humans, most especially the religious sort, are as dependable as the intermittent streams of the Negeb. I loathe biblical scholarship and its magisterial blasphemy, almost as much as I loathe myself. It is all empty speech stemming from gaseous pride.