Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Damn history.

That the Word was made flesh does not render one ounce of authority to the historical method for determining whether Jesus was or was not Lord. Neither does the fact that Jesus was a Jew give an ounce of authority for the scribes and the teachers of the law to determine whether he was the Son of David. This is where the fundamentalist apologists and the historical critics are plain wrong. The darkness will never apprehend the light, and will literally refuse to step into the light because its deeds are from hell. Humans do not possess truth. They are not qualified to proclaim truth or determine truth or critique truth. Thus their historical meanderings and their apologetic endeavors are entirely worthless and useless. They will only end up crucifying the Lord of glory and thus denying him rather than affirming his rightful kingship over man.

It's time for Christians to stop fornicating with every stump and tree of human principles and proclaim their Lord in the freeness and self-authenticating power with which He is Lord.

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