Monday, November 8, 2010

Why the "historical Jesus" movement is a bunch of rubbish.

The revealing power of the predicate "flesh" stands or falls with the free action of the Subject Logos. The Word is Jesus Christ. With this the "historical Jesus" of modern Protestantism falls to the ground as the object of faith and proclamation. It was purposely discovered, or invented, in order to indicate an approach to Jesus Christ which circumvents His divinity, the approach to a revelation which is generally understandable and possible in the form of human judgment and experience. Karl Barth (KD 1.2 p.136)

Karl Barth is absolutely correct here. But of course, the miserable and pernicious sophists today clap their ears shut at this "sound and fury" and carry on with their history. It is no wonder to me that they have discovered with their human methods a merely human Jesus, who can be dispensed with immediately in favor of an abstract moral principle that he may or may not have inculcated. Or better yet, his importance may be dispensed with or overshadowed by the infinitely more important "story of Israel" or "salvation history". Once again I am left speechless and dumbfounded at the infinite banality of today's theological spectrum. Alas, a PHD and a routine knowledge of the biblical languages cannot guarentee that you will not be a depraved, vile heretic.

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