Monday, November 22, 2010

Why is Katy Perry so obsessed with sex?

I don't get it.

She's a talented musician with a gorgeous face and one smokin' hot body. But why all the sex? Why all the over-the-top interest in lesbianity and homosexuality? Why the fornication and the trans-gender themes etc...?

I've always felt compassion and pity for Katy. This woman has plunged so deeply into the surface froth of cultural amorality, hedonism....whatever you wanna call it. I am hurt on her behalf because I know that she is going to wake up one day old and ugly, and embittered. The spirit of sexuality will give her a day in the sun before spitting her out into the hinterlands of the grotesque and finally the ruthless agony of death and judgment.

In this sense she represents all of us. She is the emblem of who we are as children of Adam, those harlots of pleasure whom God sells and pushes away in anger. It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed on to them. 2 Peter 2:21.

Who of us on our best day does not excel in the behavior of Katy Perry? Who of us has not found ourselves laid bare before the immutable penalty given to the apostates of righteousness?

I have compassion for Katy Perry because I know that Christ has died, even for her.....perhaps most especially for her. Thus Ignatius is entirely correct when he says," Pray continually for the rest of mankind as well, that they may find God, for there is in them hope for repentance." Ephesians 10.1.

The Ignatian theology finds hope for repentance nowhere else but directly "in" the unbelieving world, in the very way of its disobedience. The reason that the world possesses this hope in the very midst of its apostasy is because it has already been claimed, apart from law, apart from the sin produced by the commandment, apart from all attitudes or dispositions of has been claimed by the Man who was made sin for it, and overcame sin for it.

We must pray for Katy Perry because Jesus claims her even now, because as long as it is "Today" she stands under this claim and this hope. I for one expect to see her repent and believe the Good News long before her old age arrives, long before the ruler of this age belches her out into the rubbish heap of worthlessness and non-being. Perhaps her hour of salvation is tonight at this very hour. Well, lets use God's promises as a sword against Him and find out!

Dear heavenly Father,

Have you not promised to save sinners while they are still entirely ungodly, powerless, disobedient and dead in their transgressions and sins? Is Jesus or is He not the One who came to call this sort to repentance? Is Jesus or is He not capable of working salvation on behalf of Katy Perry to the immutable effect of her eternal life? Please make these promises good on her behalf tonight, because I for one possess the effrontery of oft disbelieving your ability or willingness to do so, and would likely find it encouraging to see your Mighty Hand at work yet again. In Jesus Name Amen.

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