Sunday, November 7, 2010

Evolutionary theory....learn your place.

Don't get me wrong, I'm an evolutionist. I like evolution. I like the theory, like the interpretation and am warmly receptive to its being taught in school.

But don't teach evolution in seminaries and theological schools. It isn't theology. It has nothing to say about Creation, Providence, God's immanence and transcendence, and His time. NOTHING. Those who think that evolutionary theory (or any scientific theory of origins or anthropology) can constrain, guide, or contribute to the discussion of Creation are wrong. They have told themselves and the world that God can be apprehended in a manner other than faith in Christ. They have told us that nature, and the act of a human being interpreting nature, can normatively make bee-lines into the Sacred things of God. To this damnable and reprehensible, I am so disgusted right now I can hardly speak.

Who the deuce do we think we are anyway? There is no "dialogue" between faith and science because faith belongs to, comes from, and exists within a world that is eternally divided from this one. This whole temporal order, along with its principalities powers, investigations, labors, endeavors at truth is passing away as we speak. Why are we daring to mix the temporal with the eternal? Oh let me guess. The fact of Christ's incarnation establishes that humanity and its world is essentially good. Christ came to bless our humanistic endeavors and pat us all on the back for them. The manhood of Christ essentially means that God is immanent within all human endeavors. Oh my gosh. You wretched pelagian, heretical, idolatrous, blasphemers. Stick with your heathen religion.

Oh my goodness, I can hardly contain my rage at human arrogance.

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